About the military order of the cootie auxiliary

Formerly the women’s auxiliary to the military order of the cootie

At the MOC Scratch in 1960, the Military Order of the Cootie delegates assembled at the National Encampment. We were granted the authority to formulate plans for an Auxiliary on Pup Tent (local), Grand (State) and Supreme (National) levels. In 1961, the Supreme Auxiliary was instituted and Dorothy B. Bringer (she later changed her name to Beveridge) , from the Grand of Ohio, was elected as the first Supreme President. She served as Supreme President from 1961-1963. In 1961, the membership pin and the shield logo were designed by the MOCA and the MOCA was off and running. Subsequent Supreme Presidents authored the By-Laws and Ritual, designed the Hospital Pin, the Fun Bug, and set the Hospital goal for each member. In 1965, the MOCA became involved with the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) program. The Clown program, founded in 1970, gives many hours of joy and laughter to “Keep Patients Smiling in Beds of White.” 
In 1972, the Scholarship program was started, and at the 1974 Supreme Convention named in memory of Supreme President Sarah Ducharme who was instrumental in its inception. Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing careers in medical fields. Each Grand may submit one new application each year. Once accepted, as long as the applicant fulfills the requirements, he or she is eligible to renew the scholarship for up to four (4) years. Over the years thousands of dollars have been awarded to worthy students.
Each year the Supreme President chooses a Special Hospital Project. These projects have ranged from emphysema, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, hepatitis C, leukemia, Alzheimer’s and physical therapy to name just a few.
The VFW National Home for Children is one  of the main programs supported by the MOCA. Donations for Cootie Christmas and high school graduates’ scholarships are sent in each year. In addition, the Surpreme President, in conjunction with the National Home, picks a Special Project. These projects have included a piano for music lessons, a driver’s training car, playgrounds, a greenhouse, and donations for food and dental care.
The Hospital program, however, remains the primary program for the organization. Sisters and brothers volunteer in VA Medical Centers throughout the United States. Volunteers also visit and spread cheer to Veterans in nursing homes. This is truly where the motto “Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White” is put to work. Clowns visit, comfort items are handed out, hospital parties are attended, lap robes, afghans and other items are made and time is just spend visiting and showing our Veterans how much their service means to us.
In 2016, we officially changed our name to Military Order of the Cootie Auxiliary and welcomed male members into our organization.